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Grounded Elevation (formerly known as The Growing Edge) provides antiracism workshops, trainings and consultation services to empower individuals all while transforming community and organizational culture.

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Teaching Antiracism for Transformational Change

We are change makers that facilitate and elevate best practices in direct services and organizations through an anti-racist lens. We enable employers, employees, and community members to identify and disrupt the root causes of inequitable outcomes through thought- provoking workshops and foundational trainings. 


Race & racism are complex adaptive systems that are built into every institution in the United States of America. Good intentions and ‘race neutral’ policies are not enough to combat institutional and structural racism and the effects it has on individuals and communities. To make real change, we must have a deep understanding of how we, as agents of our systems and entities, manifest and perpetuate racism or we will continue to inflict harm.

Home: Welcome
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