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Am I Making It Up or Nah?

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Racial gaslighting is a thing, guys. Tensions are high, and as we face another week of another black man killed by yet another police officers, we grow more sensitive to the ever-present racism. It’s real, and we see it; and however, some will still attempt to make you feel as if it’s all in your head. I assure you it is not!

While it is possible to be oversensitive about some things, this is not one of those things. I’ve grown more attentive to those around me, social media, and those who hold political offices. I find myself paying closer attention to their language and have found that I hear a lot of low key “you’re making this up.” These microaggressions may be challenging to confront, but I believe the confrontation is necessary for change. Sometimes that just looks like admitting to yourself that it’s happening.

We see a lot of gaslighting found in the growing “All Lives Matters” response. It can also sound like “I’m not a racist, but…” the Bottom line is that this is a kind of emotional abuse and should never be swept under the rug. Your thoughts and feelings are very much valid. N, you’re not just making this up.

To read/ learn more, here is a more in-depth article on the topic.

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